FOTD or maybe FOTW?

hello beauties!! So I've been kinda MIA for the past few days. My daughter has a birthday coming up and my son is finishing kindergarten in the next week or so, so I've been running around trying to get everything settled for the summer. =) Sadly, there was no weekend shopping...way too busy but I do love that MAC Surf Baby is out so I'll have something to show you guys soon ;) In the meantime I wanted to show you how I've been doing my makeup for the day and actual this whole week. ((more under the cut))

So pretty much a no makeup makeup look....super neutral. I'm usually that girl with a smokey eye so I'm feeling kinda naked ((and I used the Naked palette!!!)). All I have on my eyes are Naked and a little Buck in the crease. Whiskey eyeliner ((came with the palette and I'm almost done!)) and some Diorshow Mascara. On my face I have on Studio Fix Fluid foundation, Refinded Golden Bronzing Powder and a little Coppertone blush...all MAC. On my lips I just have on some pearl softlips and I called it a day. ;) I wish my photobooth would have picked up a little better color but until I get used to using my camera...this is it. :/

 How do you do your makeup when the weather is getting hot and you are super busy??

Have a gorgeous day!!!

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tyfyt <3