My current obsession 5/7

My hubby's birthday ((the big 28!)) is coming up at the end of the month and I hate waiting for the last minute to look for an outfit. So this brings me to my super obsession with this dress....((under the cut))
I am in love with this dress!
Lovely Floral Dress
Forever 21
I love the floral print, the price and the fact that I could wear this day or night by just changing up accessories. Seriously...I'm on my way now to go pick it up. ;) If it doesn't look right I'm really going to be disappointed but then again...this is why I start my hunt for the perfect dress so early! Happy Shopping Saturday!!! 

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Me with my <3


  1. Supporting a new blogger.. Good luck doll. I hope you do tons of posts :)

  2. Thanks hun!! :) This seriously made my day!


tyfyt <3