Weekend Hauls...

Hi dolls! So over the weekend I've had a couple hauls and I just wanted to share them with you gorgeous people...((more under the cut))
Okay so I'm not sure where else they have this store but here in Las Vegas there is a boutique called Rhapsodielle and I love it. If you are looking for something quick and cheap...this is where I go. I compare this store to a Forever 21/ Charlotte Russe type boutique. Here is what I bought....
I got these adorable nude shoes...
and this really cute LBD. To me, I love my premier designers but lets be honest...I'm a handbag girl and if i'm spending mad money...it's going to be on a handbag ;) I love these little boutiques because they are always up with the new trends and nothing is over $30 really. I get a lot of my clothes from XXI and department stores because they are affordable and the sales can be awesome!! My hubby got Lucky Jeans for like $16 one time! 

I also got a new curling iron. I got the 24k Gold Hot Tools 1inch curling iron. I'm so in love with this iron. I saw it on another bloggers channel and since she ((juicystar07 on youtube)) liked it so much I decided to  try it out. I'm that girl who always bought expensive tools and seriously...the hair dryer ((from a previous post)) and this curling iron I got were both under $30 and I love them more than my +$200 tools. I highly recommend this curling iron to everyone! 

My last haul comes from Hautlook.com. They had Lorac on sale...like on super sale. Lorac usually sells their eyeshadows for $22 and I got them for $1.99!! ((wow, this is turning into a budget friendly/how I saved money post...didn't really expect that to happen, haha)) These are the shades I got....
Lorac- Posh
Lorac- Social

Lorac- Drama

These colors are really pretty and I had to have them! The sale is still going on now but I'm not sure what is left as the sale started yesterday. 

Hope you all like what I shared. =) Have a gorgeous day! 

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  1. Nice things... I love forever 21!! Kisses !

  2. Great haul! Great blog too! Thanks so much for following mine I just started following yours =) Have a great day!

  3. Thanks ladies!! I super appreciate the support! =)

  4. I love those heels!!! I always wanted some nude pumps but I rarely wear heels so I stopped searching for one =[


tyfyt <3