lost posts!?!?!

Hello to all of the beauties out there... It's been a while since I've logged on but I thought that my posts from my phone would be on here...I thought wrong. I've been blogging from my phone app but when I log on from my computer the 7 posts aren't on here?? I'm so confused and honestly so mad!! LOL! Does anyone know why this is happening or has this happened to anyone?? And here I am thinking that I've been doing so good with my blogging....aaaaggggghhh!!! I'll try to see if I can't get the posts on here for you guys and if not, I'll start all over again. :( So sorry guys. :( :(

But anyways I'll let you know whats been going on. I've been on a couple of impromptu trips with my family which is why I've been blogging on my phone. I completely failed my ten pan challenge guys. It's too hard to do. I set the bar for myself waaayyyy too high. LOL. From now on, I'll just not go so crazy with makeup. Since failing I've actually been pretty good with my spending haha! Anyone who has done with has some serious will power. Kudos to you! I've had a couple of mini hauls which I'll try to post again and some product reviews that I'll try to repost too. Well thats all for now...hopefully you'll be seeing more of my posts soon :)

have a gorgeous day!!

 && ...K

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