New do....

Good afternoon beauties!! Today I'm kinda excited because I'm getting my haircut. Right now it's an inch past my armpits ((not sure how else to describe?? LOL)) and I want a summer bob. I've done the a-line and I've just the straight across bob so I'm not sure what I want but I want a bob. I was thinking that maybe a bob with choppy layers and bangs?? I dunno... I guess we'll see what I come out with?? Haha! Wish me luck! Pics to come later today :)

Is anyone else chopping off their locks for the warmer weather??

Have a gorgeous day!!

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  1. o0o! You should post pictures of your new hair do! =) I want to cut my hair too but my husband likes my hair long. Oh wells. Haha. Great blog. New follower. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


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