Weekend getaway

Hello beauties!! Well I spent a long weekend in San Diego ((much needed mini-vaca)) to see my in-laws and to get some r&r. I'm originally from San Diego so it was nice being home. :) The one thing I hate myself for is not taking as many pictures as I would have liked...like my FOTD's. :( Now after being rested I'm ready to redecorate my house! LOL I know that sounds weird but I really want to re-vamp my room and bathroom. I found this really cool site with a bunch of different wall coverings, decals and wall papers and I'm dying to try them. Click here to go to the site :) There are so many that I want that its really hard to choose. I've always had a really modern and simple decor so I'm ready for the girly and prettier side of home decor. :) I can't wait to start and post pics of my progress. :) oh, and I also want a new vanity for all of my makeup... instead of using my stupid 7 drawer cart that looks like this...
I really want something that looks more like an acual vanity. Something pretty with a lighted mirror. I'm dying for a better place for my makeup. If you think about it...we spend so much money ((at least I know I do)) on our makeup and beauty supplies and I don't even have a nice place to store it. :/ If anyone knows a good place to get a vanity let me know! :) 

Have a gorgeous day!!

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