My Wet n' Wild Experience

Happy Monday beauties!! So, I bought a Wet n' Wild trio last week and wanted to wear it a couple times before actually saying anything about the product. Well....let me tell you this, the colors were SO pigmented I was pleasantly shocked. For the price you are paying for these eye shadows...you are getting an awesome product.

Here is the color I bought:
Silent Treatment

Ladies...if you haven't tried this and have been holding out just like I have for so long....DON'T! You will not be disappointed. I didn't even use a primer and these colors were so pigmented and really did last a while. This is the only one I have so far but will for sure be on the lookout for more. =) Thanks Miranda for recommending!!

Hope everyone has a gorgeous day!!

 && ...Kelli


  1. Yay! So glad you got it and like it!!! Makes you want more huh! haha That is a great trio too =) I look forward to seeing what else you get!

  2. I've heard so many great things about W-n-W and I've yet to try it!!! I really gotta jump on the bandwagon :))

  3. Maryam~ Yes you do! Gotta at least try one thing from them! =)

  4. @Miranda- I'm already thinking about which one I want to try next!! LOL! I tend to go toward more matte colors...which ones would you recommend?

    @Maryam- I held out for so long because I thought it was just hype...you need to try it. I've only tried this one e/s trio but I want to try more. More reviews to come! ;)

  5. i will try it...
    Love your blog and i am following you, i hope you like mine too, Please follow me as i just started mine:

  6. i love all wet n wild colors they are gorgeous

  7. I love it i got the color icon palette
    they're my favorite


tyfyt <3