November already?!?

Hello beauties!!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. We took our kids trick or treating with some of my son's friends and we had a blast. My hubby finally let me do his makeup this year (it only took 8 years!!!) and I made him into a skull...I wanted to share pics with you guys but be kind....this was my first time LOL ;)
 Pics under the cut....

Okay so here is my husband ((Masih)) as a skull...

These were all taken towards the end of the night so it kind of faded...stupid cheap makeup!!...but I think it turned out pretty good for my first go at it =) I only had 30 minutes to finish so I guess next time: better blending and more highlighting...oh, and give myself more freaking time!!! Up close it doesn't look like much but from far away it looked awesome...all of the kids loved it and I guess that's all that mattered.

And here are the kids and my hubby in the back...

My daughter is the Cinderella and my son is the yellow Transformer ((bumblebee)). Sorry if the pics are bad quality, I took them on my phone =/ I didn't go as anything and I didn't even do my makeup crazy at all...next year tho ladies- IT'S ON! LOL!

Did you guys do anything cool for Halloween? I can't wait to see all the pics today!!

Have a gorgeous day!!!

peace & love....Kelli

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