Current Obsession 12/13

Hello beauties...well I have had one heck of a start to my work-week. Yesterday while trying to upload my overdue Naked 2 review, my computer completely CRASHED!!! I got some crazy virus and I had to go to Fry's to buy a new one and that process took close to two hours! Needless to say, the pics that I uploaded are now gone and I have to start from scratch. Naked 2 review tomorrow guys...i promise. :/

btw, I just wanted to say thanks to all the new followers and everyone who has entered my giveaway. =) you guys rock!!! If you haven't entered you can here....Giveaway time!!!

So now on to my current obsession....

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Jet Set - Large' Gathered Leather Shoulder Tote

I absolutely adore this bag when I saw it at Nordies this past Sunday. This brown color is called luggage but they also have it in a cream ((for sure the one I want)), red and black color. It is $298 at Nordies but I haven't shopped around for any sales just yet ;) As a mommy, I love having the bigger bags that are still fashionable but really practical. I wish there was a pic that showed the inside of the bag because there is soooo much room and great pockets everywhere. I think I might just get me AND my mom one for Christmas. =)

Are you done with you holiday shopping? I'm no where close and it's stressing me out.

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous day! Happy shopping LOL!

peace&&love, Kelli 


  1. You lived in San Diego? Do you miss it? Thanks for following back =)

    Btw I am a mother of 2 and I can't go anywhere without a big bag. I mean it is more practical because I can throw so much in it! Can't say it's good for my shoulder or back though, hehe.

    That bag is pretty awesome btw and you have a beautiful family!

    Take care!

  2. i would so get my hands on that bag right now fff <33


  3. Eeek! Uh oh! Glad Its fixed though! That bag is really cute..I would love it in a dusty pink color...I am just so attracted to bags near that color lately!

  4. I gave you the Versatile blogger award! Check out this post to get more info =)

  5. I nominated you the Versatile Blog Award! :)
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