Guess who is getting Naked again!

Hello beauties!!! Well ladies...I ordered Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette this morning and I am so excited to recieve it. I really like the newer colors and I'm sure I will be going back and forth from this palette and the original.

Here are a few pics from the website!!!

I know that there are already swatches and stuff online but if you want me to I will swatch it for you when I get it. =) I was really hoping for the 24/7 eyeliner duo with this one but I guess they opted for a double ended brush. And instead of Primer Potion, we are getting a Naked lipgloss.  As I was checking out the site started to get slower and slower and I had realized that the site was crashing. THANK GOD it didn't because I would have been so mad! It took forever to check out but I finally did it and HAD to share the news. I waited a long time to get the original one and I really didn't want to have to wait again. Are you guys going to pick  one up too or are you holding off?? Let me know! =)

Have a gorgeous day!!

peace&&love, Kelli


  1. I haven't purchased this yet, but I am loving the colors! Would love to see swatches when you get it!! Exciting!!!

  2. I have the original one and I love it! I would really like to have this one too, but it is sadly not sold in my country. I got the original one while on holidays in Italy.


  3. aaaaah you lucky lucky girl!!! when I came home that day to place my order it was already sold out :(((

  4. Lucky you! I'm waiting for restock, so I hope they do that. But I definitely NEED it!

  5. lovely blog, now following :)

    xo, H



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