Review: Ponds Makeup Remover Wipes!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! I know I did. =) I got the new Kindle Fire, the Nars Danmari Cheek Palette and Sephora gift cards! Can't wait to use them! Me and my hubby didn't do gifts this Christmas but I think we might just do a date night with presents in a few weeks LOL! Our 8 year "First Date" anniversary is coming up so we might just celebrate it this year ;)

My kids were SUPER happy and of course that's all that matters. My son got a rc helicopter and he tells me "wow Mommy, I didn't even put this on my list, how did Santa know?"...I told him that Santa must have gotten an awesome black Friday deal LMAO! He is 6 so he has no idea what that means yet =)

I'm still battling my cold. This one is seriously lingering. So no FOTD's for me ladies...wouldn't want to do that to you ;) so in the mean time ((since I am at work and can't upload my UD naked2 pics)) I'll do a review on these....

Pond's Clean Sweep Wet Cleansing Towelettes. I usually use the Neutrogena makeup wipes but heard that these were pretty good as well from a YT guru.

What Pond's says:

Gentle deep cleaning combines with effective make-up removal to lift away dirt,
make-up, and any other impurities. Works any time of the day, and instantly leaves
skin feeling clean.

Soft, textured cloth with Vitamin E and Triple Anti-Oxidant complex gently cleanses
even the toughest waterproof mascara. Along the way, it nourishes and pampers skin
without drying it out.

What I say:

I'm not sure what I was expecting...after trying the Yes to Cucumber ones I thought that it couldn't get worse than that. Well, for me...it did. I don't have all bad to say. I did like that these were quilted and did feel like I was washing away all of my makeup. However, while I was doing this...a soapy foam started to cover my face. It dried fast enough that after all of my makeup was off, I was left with a soapy dry residue all over my face and my face was dryer than ever. So now my one step turned into two because I had to wash my face all over again ((and for my dry skin...this sucks so bad)). It also claims that it can take off water proof mascara...not sure how if it can't even remove my regular mascara without me scrubbing my eyes off LOL. I think I'm going to stick with my regular wipes and NEVER cheat on them again. I've been using these wipes for a good week, week and a half and I think I'm just going to throw them out. For me, they are horrible! My face is so dry right now and I know it is because of these wipes mixed with the weather. I hope you guys have had a better experience than I did with these!!

Have a gorgeous day!

peace&&love, Kelli


  1. I love these things but I feel so guilty buying disposable wipes because of how environmentally unfriendly it is. Wahhh.

  2. Hope you are feeling better =( and hope you and the family had a very Merry Christmas=)

    love, the Riggins


tyfyt <3