Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Miranda and Brandy have both awarded me with this award and it might sound lame but these make me so excited LOL. Thanks so much you two...I appreciate this probably more than you know. =)

The Rules:
1: Thank the person who nominated you and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.
2: Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3: Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.

My 7 random facts:
1: I was raised in San Diego and lived there since I was 1. When I turned 20 I moved to Las Vegas and have been here for 6 years.
2: I absolutely LOVE Indian food and persian food. Not all but most LOL. I live for Koobideh Kabob!
3: I am a mixed baby. I'm Korean and Italian. =)
4: I am obsessed with anything Hello Kitty. Anything. If I could paint my car pink and put her face on it, I would be the happiest girl ever!

5: I can't walk into a store that sells beauty items without buying at least one thing. Whether that be nail polish, lip sticks, skin care, cotton balls, mascara, lotion....anything. I HAVE to buy at least one thing. It's a sickness.
6: On Christmas Eve TBS or TNT ((can't remember which one)) plays the movie The Christmas Story.... as far back as I can remember I have stayed up and watched this movie on repeat until I fall asleep. Before I had the kids and was married I would watch this movie at least twice at night and I'll have it playing all day Christmas Day. I don't know what it is...I can't get enough of that movie. And I will not watch it unless it's Christmas Eve. I don't own the movie just so I don't get tempted to watch during the year...i know, i'm sooooo wierd.
7: One of my passions in life is to read. I have always been this way. My mom says that before I could read I would open up books and just make up a story. I started reading when I was three and I've always had a book to read since. hmmm...maybe I should start doing book posts LOL!

Now to pass on the award!

I cannot pick just 15 people because I love all of the blogs I follow and the people who follow me so I will send these to some of my latest followers =) I will pick ten and in the comments please nominate people you think should get the award!


Have a gorgeous day!

peace&love, Kelli


  1. OMG congrats girllll
    love ur blogg


  2. congrats on your award!!! and yaaayyyy for mixed babies :)))

  3. Congrats girlie!! We totally do the same as #6... that is my dads all time favorite movie!!!


tyfyt <3