Current Obsession 1/6

Hi Beauties!!! So I know that in my resolutions post I said that I was going to slow down on my makeup purchases....how can I do that when there are always new things coming out that I NEED! LOL That being said here is my current obsession....

Too Faced, why do you do this to me? LOL! I am so in love with this new palette called Natural at Night.
I have the smokey eye palette from Too Faced and I really like that one so hopefully I will like this too! Have you guys tried or swatched this one yet? Let me know! =)

Peace&&love, Kelli 


  1. This is one of the ones I want so bad! It is so pretty. I totally agree with you on buying makeup. It is so hard with all the fun new stuff that comes out!

  2. LOVE this palette it is perfect for me when I travel.
    Thank you for sharing =)

  3. i'm a hoarder when it comes to makeup, i get everything, even if i don't need it, even if i don't have the money to afford it... ughhhh i need help lol

  4. I'm lusting after this same palette!!!!


tyfyt <3