Happy New Year!!

Hey beauties!! Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. I know I did but now it's back to the grind. I don't usually do New Years Resolutions but for some reason, I really wanted to this year. Here are my resolutions....
  1. Take my makeup off EVERY night. No matter how tired I am from whatever I was doing. No matter how busy I was that night and no matter how good my bed looks with it's big fluffy down comforter and 15 pillows LOL!
  2. I need to use up a product before I buy it's replacement! ((unless it's a limited edition type thing)) There is no reason why I have 3 Diorshow mascaras when I haven't even used up the first tube. Those things can dry out soooo quick!
  3. I seriously need to slow down on my beauty spending. I'm not saying that I will do another ((failed)) project 10 pan but I just need to slow down. I need to have some kind of limit haha!
And those are my beauty resolutions. They seem pretty easy but OMG...they are resolutions for a reason LOL.

Do you guys do resolutions? What are yours?

Have a gorgeous day!

peace&&love, Kelli


      1. I sooo agree with all 3 for myself too! haha

      2. It is hard....i am a huge mascara addict....so I have them in my bag and my drawers...my.bathroom...my pockets...haha

        I've been eyeing the lash stash from sephora too but I guess my resolution is to stop buying new tubes of mascara until I've used up what I already have!!! I already see myself failing at this resolution..oh gosh!

        Happy New Year Beautiful!!!


      tyfyt <3