Haul- Lush!!!

Hi beauties!! I am such a Lush fanatic and I live for the bath bombs. I went this past weekend and I wanted to share with you guys what I bought from Lush. =)
So here are my beautiful bombs.....

The first one is the Honey Bee.

This one is Dragons Egg.

Pink Bath.

and finally Big Blue.

If you have never used Lush and want a review...let me know!

I love these because they make my skin soooo smooth and I love what they do to the water. My daughter loves the pink bath bomb because it makes the water pink and there is heart confetti all over the tub. =)

I also have a collective haul post coming up (Target, MAC, Ulta, Sephora). So much for my holding back on beauty purchases resolution LOL!

I hope you all have a gorgeous day! =)

Peace&&Love, Kelli 


  1. I want to try these! I am wanting to try anything lush after I keep seeing lush hauls! haha

  2. I love seeing lush hauls because it gives me ideas of what to get...
    can you keep a secret ?
    (im a lush virgen lol )

    - marla

  3. Great Haul I too LOVE Lush!!!
    Have you tryed any of the face scrubs?

  4. Love Lush. The dragon's egg is so pretty in the tub.

  5. Jazmin, I haven't tried the face scrubs but I made a promise to myself to get the seaweed one the next time I make a trip!

    Miranda- you HAVE to try a bath bomb!

    Marla- I would for sure start with the pink bomb or the sex bomb. ;)

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  7. I've never tried anything from lush, ut have bought it for people as presents. Hopefully I'mm have a nice size tub in my next house for soaking :)


tyfyt <3