NOTW and some weekend plans

Hi Beauties!! Well I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I would show you my NOTW. =)
It's kind of boring but I don't usually put a hot pink on. What are you guys wearing on your nails this week?

I am soooo happy today is Friday...not thrilled that it's Friday the 13th...but I'll take a Friday no matter the date ;) My sister in law is in town for the long weekend. Of course we will be hitting up the club scene this weekend and if we are going clubbing, that means I need a new dress! I've been looking online and I've seen a lot of cute ones that I am dying to add to my closet. Here are some that I've been eyeing...
Arden B $89
I love the sleeves and the crytals on this one!

Forever21 $24.80
Arden B on sale for $34.50!

Of course shoes are a totally different monster LOL!!!

I hope you guys have an aweseome weekend and have a gorgeous day!

peace&&love, Kelli


  1. Love the mani! Pink is always good! I like all those dresses but am really liking the one from forever21! Have fun!

  2. Love the hot pink nails. I can never do anything to my nails due to constant hand washing and sanitizing at work! I like the forever 21 one! best of all, it's the least expensive=). have fun!!!

  3. I always love pink polishes, they look great on everyone xD
    I love forever21, I want that dress!

  4. These are all lovely! I love the Arden B one at the top=) Have a good time!

    much love,
    lauren xoxo


tyfyt <3