Gone too long

Hello all you gorgeous beauties!!! I have been gone for far too long. Without getting too personal...life has been pretty busy but so good to me! Both kids are in sports and being a Mom and working full time ...well you know how that can be. Me and Hubby's schedules are PACKED!! But I'm back, baby! Can't wait to start on my regular posts and reviews on everything that is beautiful. I've definitely missed this.

My makeup collection has only grown ((of course)) and I have so much that I want to blog about. :)

Stay tuned...

as always...

Peace & Love,


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  1. I knoooow, I want them boots so badly..! So many nice ones in the new Tory Burch collection too... aaahh..
    Great to see that you´re back! :D x


tyfyt <3